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Allyson Clifton : On music and messiness
Allyson Clifton is a practicing music therapist who currently provides services to the Cincinnati and southeastern Indiana areas with a private practice called Keys for Success. There, she works with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities, helping them to set and accomplish goals and improve their quality of life through the art of music. (Read More)
Julie Fay : Preserving Treasures
Iris Book Cafe was the perfect spot to spend a cold and rainy Sunday morning, surrounded by books and the comfortable crowd while sipping coffee, listening to Julie Fay’s story, and looking at pictures of her past projects in Over-the-Rhine and her current project: the Imperial Theater in Mohawk. She told us the stories of her childhood, her bold career moves, and more, as if we were old friends. We laughed together often. We chatted about her current passions and projects: a love of OTR, her desire to rehabilitate the area, the Iris Book Cafe itself, and her decision to rehabilitate the Imperial Theater. (Read More)
Skylar Nelson : Senior Portraits
​​​​​​​I had the honor of photographing a very close family friend to commemorate her senior year of high school. Below you will find my favorite shots from the various locations we visited together.
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